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Telemedicine Visits

We are pleased to be able to offer telemedicine visits for cases when an in-office visit is not possible. You will need an appointment time for a virtual visit and upon approval from your physician, so please call our office to schedule.

Tips for a great Telemedicine Visit:

  1. Make sure you know which doctor you are seeing for your visit. If you are not sure, please call our office.  

  2. Click on the doctor you are scheduled to see at least 5-10 minutes prior to your visit time. 

  3. Enter the patient's name in the box on the telemedicine visit page.

  4. Take the patient’s (your child or yourself) temperature and weight prior to the visit.

  5. Have your child with you in a well lit room that is as quiet as possible.  

  6. Have a flashlight or light source available.

  7. The doctor may have you help with your child's physical exam (show patient’s throat, push on belly, etc)

  8. Don’t be nervous to ask questions and have your child do the same.

Telemedicine: Text
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